A Few Simple Tips For Finding A Great Alcohol and Drug Treatment Center

Substance abuse is a serious issue in America. On average, six people are hospitalized due to drug or alcohol addiction each day. The consequences of addiction affect countless family members of the public. In order to combat the damage caused by substance use, rehabilitation programs employ holistic work therapy, which helps program members learn how to live a healthy and productive life. These programs also help people develop life skills and a spiritual connection with God. At the end of the program, rehab patients are reunited with their families and are able to resume their normal daily routines. addiction treatment center in Houston by Kemah Palms Recovery – Alcohol & Drug Treatment

Short-term residential programs provide intensive treatment for addiction problems, based on modified 12-step methods. These programs began to treat substance use disorders during the cocaine epidemic. Originally, residential treatment programs included an inpatient hospital stay, extended outpatient therapy, and participation in a self-help group. In addition to these programs, they often require participants to attend an aftercare program to help them continue their recovery and prevent relapse. By ensuring that their recovery continues after they have graduated from the program, residential drug rehab programs can help individuals overcome addiction and regain a healthy life.
Inpatient rehab centers are more intensive and offer twenty-four hour care from a multidisciplinary team of specialists. Inpatient programs can range from 30 days to ninety days, depending on the substance being treated. Some centers also provide medication during treatment. These treatment options may be better suited for people with prior substance abuse history or who suffer from co-occurring disorders. There are some advantages to inpatient rehab, however. Inpatient programs are more expensive than outpatient programs, but they provide critical medical support and supervision.
Patients completing Day Treatment usually move on to Intensive Outpatient Programs. These programs are for people who have some understanding of substance dependency and want to take responsibility for their own recovery. Typically, patients complete four to five weeks of treatment and must attend weekly aftercare sessions. Another option is Four Day IOP, which is designed for those with morning responsibilities. Four Day IOPs usually last five days and include weekly aftercare sessions.
The length of treatment for residential inpatient rehab varies depending on the severity of the addiction. For example, some people may only need 30 days of treatment, while others may benefit from longer stays in an inpatient program. A thirty-day program can help ease some of the anxiety associated with treatment. On the other hand, a sixty-day program can allow a person to work their way through the addiction. A residential inpatient program is best for those with long-term addictions.
Family members will be included in many aspects of treatment. Some programs even require family members to attend meetings called Al-Anon to keep their loved one safe. Group therapy is a mainstay of many rehab centers. Therapists lead the group members through sessions, while others focus on relapse prevention or other mental health concerns. A great alcohol and drug treatment center will provide a wide range of therapeutic options for the entire family. The right choice will allow the individual to overcome the problems associated with substance abuse.

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