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You may feel pain in your joints at some point or another. Generally, these discomforts are a result of joint degeneration. While it is normal to feel discomfort in the joints every now and then, they may become so intense that it affects your daily activities. Seeing a doctor for a proper diagnosis is recommended to minimize joint pain. Joint pain can also be caused by a variety of factors, including injuries, aging, and even genetics. QC Kinetix (Bentonville) offers excellent info on this.

Physical therapy is the first option, which can include a combination of active and passive therapies. These treatments can help to strengthen muscles around the joint and improve range of motion. Acoustic wave therapy, which is a pain-free alternative to surgery, uses sound waves to break down damaged tissues and stimulate the production of healthy ones. Massage can also reduce joint pain and improve range of motion. Hyaluronan injections are another option for reducing pain.
Once you have determined that a certain clinic can help you manage your pain, it is time to choose a doctor. Choose someone you feel comfortable with, one who is trained in pain management. Your doctor will coordinate other treatments for you, including physical therapy, rehabilitation, and counseling. A good clinic will monitor your progress and will work with you to set goals. Some clinics even offer support groups for their patients. So, make sure you pick a pain clinic carefully and talk to people in the community who have undergone similar treatments.
A doctor can perform an arthroscopy to diagnose the underlying cause of your pain. An arthroscopy is a surgical procedure in which a doctor makes a small incision over the affected joint to insert a thin fiberoptic instrument. The surgeon can use this instrument to repair damaged cartilage or remove bone chips in or near the joint. A joint replacement can be done for hips, knees, or shoulders. The majority of patients report long-lasting pain relief after their treatment.
Exercise is also an effective way to treat joint pain. Physical therapists can help you strengthen the muscles around your joints and improve range of motion. Other treatments include heat and cold therapy, electrical nerve stimulation, manipulation, and ultrasound. In addition to physical therapy, losing weight may also be helpful. By exercising, you can lose weight and ease the pressure on your painful joints. Low-impact exercise is also beneficial to relieve joint pain. And don’t forget to drink plenty of water!


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