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When you are considering making your estate plan, the role of an estate planning attorney is very important. This professional is not only experienced, but also highly knowledgeable about all the ins and outs of estate planning. Here are some of the ways an attorney can help you. Depending on your situation, an attorney may be your best option. Listed below are some of the advantages of working with an estate planning attorney. You should consider all of your options before hiring one. elder law

Katie E. Jones joined Sexton Bailey Attorneys, PA in March 2019. She is a native of Camden, Arkansas, where she grew up with a close-knit family. As a daughter, she saw the importance of estate planning when her own family was struggling financially. As a result, she wanted to help others and found her niche with Sexton Bailey Attorneys, PA. She looks forward to helping others with their estate planning needs.

An estate planning attorney will help clients plan for their future by drafting legal documents, such as a will, a trust, and a power of attorney. These documents will help reduce any questions that arise after a client passes away. They may also advise clients on how to handle their retirement plans, life insurance policies, and charitable contributions. They may also work with other professionals, such as financial managers and insurance professionals, to make sure that their clients’ wishes are carried out in their estate plans.
Choosing the right estate planning attorney is very important. They can help you with complicated estate planning issues and guide you through the process. They will also make sure that the documents are accurate and properly prepared to avoid a messy and expensive probate process. Estate planning attorneys can be a very valuable resource to clients, but you do not have to hire one to make a will. There are many free online resources for this purpose. They are also helpful if you are an owner of a small business and want to ensure its succession.

Unlike attorneys who focus solely on family law and other topics, estate planning attorneys are knowledgeable of federal and state law. They are able to advise clients about the probate process and educate beneficiaries about how the process works. They are also trained to handle retirement plans, life insurance policies, and charitable contributions. In addition to a law degree, estate planning attorneys must pass the state bar exam and obtain a certain level of experience. They must also pass a background check and complete a written exam.
An estate planning attorney can prepare advance directives and powers of attorney. A power of attorney is a document that names an agent who will make decisions on behalf of the principal. The “principal” is the individual who creates the document. The power of attorney can be effective immediately or upon the principal’s incapacitation. If the latter occurs, the power of attorney remains in effect. The attorney may need to work with a financial advisor or accountant to make these arrangements.

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