How to Clean Your Refrigerator

Cleaning your refrigerator is a simple task, but it’s crucial to follow some specific techniques. While you can use a variety of cleaning products to keep the interior of your refrigerator sanitized, we recommend doing it twice a year, or even more often if you have spills or food leftovers. Then, wipe down the shelves and bins with a damp paper towel and kitchen degreaser formula. this article¬†

First, remove all food and beverages from the refrigerator. You can also load up the cooler with perishable items. Before you start cleaning, remove any removable parts such as shelves and racks. This will help prevent cracks. Always allow the fridge to come to room temperature before cleaning it. By removing all the food and liquids, you can make sure your fridge is as clean as possible. This will save you a lot of time and effort in the long run.
You can also use a natural cleaning solution. For the exterior, you can use a damp cloth soaked in warm water to remove tough food spills. Alternatively, you can make a cleaning paste from baking soda and water. Mix this mixture with water to remove any stubborn food stains. Make sure you allow the mixture to dry before reinstalling the shelves. After cleaning the fridge, it’s best to let it air out so it can completely dry.
Before you start cleaning the refrigerator, make sure you empty it of all food. Remove any expired foods and food items that may be contaminated with bacteria. If there are food items that need to be refrigerated, put them into another refrigerator until you have the time to clean the entire fridge. If you’ve bought a lot of condiments lately, remove them from the fridge, as this can spoil quickly if the kitchen temperature is very warm.
You can also add a layer of baking soda to your refrigerator’s interior to absorb odors. You can also place a crumpled brown paper bag inside the vegetable bin. HGTV suggests leaving it in the bin for 48 hours to get rid of any bad smell. Fresh coffee grounds also work wonders for removing odors from refrigerators. Martha Stewart suggests placing fresh coffee grounds on a tray or baking sheet inside the fridge. This way, the fridge will temporarily smell like coffee. After cleaning your fridge, your food will taste fresh and pleasant.
While scrubbing the coils inside your refrigerator, the USDA recommends avoiding the use of abrasives and solvents. These chemicals can cause a chemical smell and can damage the surfaces. Baking soda is an effective cleaner, but it may be too abrasive for some surfaces. If you have a particularly bad mess, you can use a bleach solution diluted to one part of a quart of water. Ensure that you turn off the refrigerator and use a vacuum cleaner to remove any remaining residue.
After the food is thoroughly cleaned, you can move onto the coils. Refrigerator coils are notoriously dirty and should be cleaned regularly. You can access the coils on the back of your refrigerator by lifting the foot grill on the bottom front. If you have long-haired animals, you may have to remove the food compartment to reach the coils. If you have a dirty refrigerator, you may also want to invest in a coil cleaning brush that’s specifically designed for refrigerator coils.