QC Kinetix – Important Reminder!

The QC Kinetix clinic is a medical franchise that offers a variety of non-invasive procedures. The franchisees provide the same services as a physician specialist, but at much lower costs. However, patients often complain that they are pushed through sales pitches and do not see results. This company may be a good choice for someone seeking chiropractic care but is not for everyone. Read on to learn about the pros and cons of this franchise. Tuscaloosa sports medicine is an excellent resource for this.

QC Kinetix is committed to providing patients with effective non-surgical procedures that relieve pain without the use of drugs or surgery. Patients can expect to experience less pain and greater mobility after treatment. The company’s regenerative treatments have a high success rate, with results that are often seen within weeks. Patients can return to normal activities in as little as three days. QC Kinetix is a good option for people suffering from musculoskeletal pain.
QC Kinetix clinics offer concierge-style service. Franchisees enjoy access to a network of physicians and equipment suppliers. QC Kinetix has franchise opportunities all across the country, which provides additional flexibility and convenience. The franchise system allows owners to own one or two locations, and partners with non-licensed investors who can provide financial backing for a small business. The franchise network has established operating systems, equipment suppliers, and effective marketing programs.
QC Kinetix uses state-of-the-art biologic treatments to address musculoskeletal pain. The treatments used by the clinic are designed to improve the body’s ability to heal and repair itself. Patients who choose QC Kinetix treatment have the added benefit of avoiding surgery and addictive pain medications. Furthermore, QC Kinetix clinics are independently owned, and are not affiliated with any health insurance provider.
The regenerative treatment therapies developed by QC Kinetix are the product of years of research. They help patients with chronic pain, and are also safe and effective. They do not require complex surgical procedures or excessive medications. The company invests heavily in scientific research, and the result is a more effective treatment that is far less expensive and risky than conventional medical approaches. QC Kinetix continues to invest in research so that their patients can experience improved health and wellness.
From the OH-129W interchange, proceed south. Take the first left and continue onto the NE Cincinnati Dayton Rd. You will see the QC Kinetix (Liberty) on the left. It is located at 1380 NE Miami Gardens Dr. This office is near a major intersection. During your trip to QC Kinetix, make sure to follow directions to the right. They are located in the same building as QC Kinetix (Aventura) clinic.


QC Kinetix (Tuscaloosa)
1800 McFarland Blvd East, Suite 336
Tuscaloosa, AL 35404
(205) 686-1941