Refrigerator Cleaning Tips

Listed below are tips on how to clean a refrigerator. You should also clean the coils. These coils are located on the back or in front of the refrigerator, behind a base grille or kick plate. To reach these coils, unplug your refrigerator. Use a hose attachment to remove visible dust. Move the hose in the direction of the coils. This process will remove any dust and dirt. Then, wipe off the coils with a clean damp cloth.

Use a condensor brush to remove dust and other built-up particles from the coils. These brushes look like thin Christmas trees, and have heavy gauge spines that prevent them from bending when pressed between the coils. You can purchase condensor brushes at any hardware or appliance store. While the brush will help clean the interior, be sure to dry it thoroughly afterward. You should also avoid using cleaners with strong chemical scents. Click Here hop over to this website

A simple solution to the problem of grime on your refrigerator is to wipe down the bottom with a damp cloth. This will remove any food residue, but it is also a good way to keep the refrigerator clean. Wipe down the sticky shelves, which may have accumulated dirt. Rinse off any bottles that have goo. Use a non-abrasive scrubber from Home Depot to get rid of stubborn stains. Don’t forget to check the drawers and bins.

A coil condenser brush is available for $10 at a hardware store. It measures about 27 inches long and has short bristles on the top one-third. It can easily slip between the coil grid spaces. You can also gently twist the brush to reach tight places. It is important to run your vacuum while using the brush. Hold the narrow end of the nozzle close to the brush. Alternately brush the coils under the refrigerator.

If you’re worried about streaks, a solution of baking soda and water is the answer. Just spray it on and wipe the interior surfaces of the refrigerator. Remember to dry it thoroughly afterward, as leftover moisture may cause streaks. And if you have a hard time finding the solution, you can buy a commercial refrigerator cleaner, such as Cif Kitchen Cleaner. It cuts through grease and stains effectively. And a great thing about Cif kitchen cleaner is that it’s readily available.

Before cleaning the fridge, you must take out the foods. To make the cleaning process easier, it is better if you remove all the food before cleaning it. It’s also a good idea to store the food in a cooler, so that you can keep it safe and edible. Also, check the expiration dates of dairy products, condiments, and other items to avoid sticky spills and odors. So, remember to follow these tips and use your new refrigerator to keep fresh food.
To clean the coils of a refrigerator, unplug the appliance. Pull the fridge away from the wall if it’s a back coil model. Afterwards, you must vacuum the coils with a brush or a vacuum. You should leave a gap of about three centimeters between the coils and the sides. Then, use a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust and grime. After the cleaning, you can plug it back in and turn on the power. After cleaning the coils, the refrigerator should run for a full 24 hours.