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    The World’s Largest Paint Suppliers

    The paint and coatings industry is a global business that continues to expand moderately, with more applications for paints in marine, automotive, construction, and general industrial fields. Below we’ve listed the largest paint suppliers based on estimated annual revenue in U.S. dollars. To help you make your decision, read through the following lists:

    A good start for evaluating a paint supplier’s technical support is during the initial product evaluation. Paint suppliers are generally more than happy to conduct full product demonstrations at a customer’s facility. Some may even bring outside equipment to demonstrate their products. This will give the painters a chance to talk directly to the paint suppliers’ technical support staff and determine whether a relationship can flourish over time. A company’s willingness to provide assistance on a timely basis should be a top consideration for selecting a paint supplier. You can get additional information at affordable suppliers

    In addition to COVID-19, a shortage of paint supplies has been cited by some paint manufacturers as one of the reasons for the recent spike. Several factors have contributed to the situation, including a natural disaster in February that further disrupted the country’s complex petrochemical network. Meanwhile, surging architectural and industrial demand has pushed up prices of the products. One company, PPG, says that winter storms in Texas have also affected paint supply.

    The company has a broad product range, including high-end industrial paints. Its specialty products include marine protective coatings, wood stains, and adhesives. It has offices and production facilities in 16 countries and employs more than 35000 people worldwide. In addition to its paint and coatings manufacturing facilities, PPG has various brands to choose from. Whether you’re looking for an exterior or interior paint, PPG offers the latest innovations in the industry.

    Miscellaneous additives are another common source of paint. These are usually added in small quantities but have an effect on the quality of the finished product. They can modify surface tension, enhance flow properties, increase wet edge, or impart antifreeze properties. Other types of additives include thickeners, emulsifiers, texturizers, adhesifiers, and catalysts. Miscellaneous additives also include UV stabilizers.

    Sherwin-Williams, one of the world’s largest paint manufacturers, sells a range of brands and has a strong position in the automotive, aerosol, and industrial coatings sectors. In 2018, it had more than 60,000 employees and sold paints in over 4000 company-operated paint stores in the United States, Canada, and the Americas group. Despite its global reach, the company has been faced with several challenges.